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Retin A Gel 0.05%

  • Retin A Gel 0.05%
  • Retin A Gel 0.05%
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Product Description

Retin A was introduced to treat acne more than 30 years ago. While the formula produced remarkable results fighting acne, patients also noticed significant improvements in their overall facial appearance. It is also commonly used for skin lightening and is the only topical formula that has been proven to improve wrinkles. This 0.05% Retin A gel is milder than the 0.01% gel. If you are new to Retin A or have very sensitive skin, the 0.05% is perhaps better for you.   Additional Information Benefits Acne: Retin A brings acne plugs (blockages) to the surface causing blackheads to be dislocated. The blackheads are then discarded from the skin during cleansing. Retin A can help control acne breakouts as well. Ability to Go Out Without Makeup!

This is a personal note from Miss Jackie: I had to add this here even though it was not part of the dermatologists’ literature, but the ladies especially will appreciate my testimony. I don’t suffer from acne but Retin A is a must have for my general anti-aging and skin care regimen. I have found that since using Retin A , my skin has become so flawless, that I can confidently go out in public without my usual armor of makeup. Wrinkles, under eye circles, crow’s feet and frown lines are diminished! Skin Lightening/Hyperpigmentation: Those who are experienced in skin lightening know that Retin A is a must-have product to improve the whitening process. The ingredients in Retin A can help sun-damaged skin, including age discoloration spots and light freckling. Retin A essentially increases the skin cellular turnover and speeds up the exfoliation process, thus removing the dark/hyperpigmented pigment trapped in the epidermis. Wrinkles: Retin A was found to reduce fine wrinkles and skin roughness, increase epidermal thickness and stimulate deposition of collagen. Poor Skin Texture: The increased exfoliation process from Retin A removes dead cells and stimulates new skin cells to improve the texture of the skin. Preparation for Other Procedures: Retin A is commonly used to prepare the skin for procedures such as laser skin resurfacing and facial surgeries. Retin A may be continued after a procedure to assist in recovery as well.

Typical Application Retin A is typically for use once daily, in the evening, after washing with a mild alcohol-free facial cleanser. You should pat your face dry before smoothing the Retin A cream or gel onto your skin. Retin A makes the skin very sensitive to the sun, so it is advised to use sunscreen every morning and throughout the day. Precautions & Safety Retin A may at first cause a slight tingling sensation when applied to the face. This usually subsides in a few seconds. The common side effects associated with the application of Retin As include: Redness, peeling, or feeling of warmth; sensitivity to sunlight; skin irritation; stinging at application site. Source:http://www.drugs.com/sfx/retin-a-side-effects.html It must be emphasized that you MUST wear sunscreen because Retin A makes the skin sensitive to UV rays. Retin A should NOT be used by pregnant women!

Read why from our source: http://www.americanpregnancy.org/pregnancyhealth/acnetreatment.html Active Ingredients Tretinoin USP 0.05% in a gel base

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