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About Us

After realizing that there were many flaws in the current skin lightening business, ProDerma Light entered the industry with one main goal: Listen to the customer.

Our motto allowed us to identify the common complaints and create exceptional products that exceeded our buyers’ expectations. ProDerma Light offers skin lightening products that:

  • Work very fast (if it doesn’t work, then what is the point of using it?)
  • Are affordable (we would never dare charge anyone $100 for a lightening cream)
  • Have a fresh, fruity smell (we couldn’t stand the horrible, toxic smelling creams on the market)
  • Remain stable (our products do not oxidize and turn brown)
  • Are easily Accessible (we ensure delivery to most countries)
  • Will not be counterfeited (each time a good skin lightening product comes on the market, unscrupulous vendors make fake versions that are of an inferior quality. You can only purchase the original ProDerma Light from this website or our Amazon and Ebay webstores http://stores.ebay.com/prodermalight50 and http://stores.ebay.com/prodlight12012. We do not sell or wholesale to anyone, so if you didn’t buy it from us, it is a counterfeit)

There are many skin lightening products on the market today, but few companies actually take the time to ask the customer what products he /she wanted. ProDerma Light conducted surveys before actually making a single skin lightening product. As a result of listening to the market, we have been able to provide the most effective skin lightening products at a fair price.

We offer hard-to-find skin lightening formulations that are safe and effective.

Our customers can attest to our honesty, and openness. We treat our customers like family, offering practical skin lightening tips and keeping everyone abreast of new industry trends. You can shop with confidence knowing that we are serious about ensuring 100% customer satisfaction!